Ways to Learn New Thigs

These may be not new for you, but when I want to learn a new programming language or another side of development, I always want to do a project approach.

2 things I did to learn new things:

  1. Hackathon - When I wanted to learn or be familiar with blockchain, I did the usual things of going to youtube and googling about it, but one thing that really helped me is joining a hackathon. I joined a Solana hackathon last year, it didn't end well for the first time, as everyone in the team is trying to grasp the whole blockchain thing. Next team I joined was better, as the leader had a lot of knowledge and experience with the blockchain ecosystem. I worked on the frontend team, and this allowed me to know some basic jargon and I could ask the team leader on how things work in this space. The experience was great and I could actually get to see backend code used and have a slight idea of what was happening.
  2. Twitch / Livestream - I started doing livestream on Twitch 2 weeks ago. It was awesome in terms of knowing that someone is watching you that you can explain things to, and also could help you along the way. At first, I started streaming about web development and then I started streaming about game dev in unity which I had no prior experience in. I just tried it by myself first if I can do things and follow tutorials, then on my 3rd day I streamed, and received a lot of help from the community. By the way, you can catch me on Twitch every Fridays and Saturdays GMT +8, here's the link: Faith on Twitch

So there you go, 2 things that can make you excited in learning new things!