Uploading images with AWS Amplify and File Pond

I love AWS Amplify, it makes all things cloud based development easier. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to use Cognito (Amplify Auth) and S3 (Amplify Storage).

What I typically do is make two repos. One repo is for all backend, I install and configure all Amplify backend there. Another repo is for frontend, can be your application made in React, Angular or Vue. I choose React.

Configuring your backend

Install Amplify CLI: installation

After installation, in your backend repo, run this command: amplify add storage

Go through the instructions and the steps, wait for the process and you're done with the backend!

Setting up your frontend

On your React repo, install FilePond. Also npm install filepond-plugin-file-validate-type, we will use this for restricting file types.

Import these:

import "filepond/dist/filepond.min.css";
import FilePondPluginImageExifOrientation from "filepond-plugin-image-exif-orientation";
import FilePondPluginImagePreview from "filepond-plugin-image-preview";
import FilePondPluginFileValidateType from 'filepond-plugin-file-validate-type';
import "filepond-plugin-image-preview/dist/filepond-plugin-image-preview.css";

And add this above your class block:

registerPlugin(FilePondPluginImageExifOrientation, FilePondPluginImagePreview, FilePondPluginFileValidateType);

Inside render, your code could look something like this:

<FilePond ref={ref => this.pond = ref}
  acceptedFileTypes={['image/jpg', 'image/jpeg', 'image/png', 'image/gif']}
  onupdatefiles={(fileItems) => {
     picture: fileItems.map(fileItem => fileItem.file)

It's important to put instantUpload to false and server to null, this is to disable automatic uploading after choosing the files/images.

Using AWS Amplify Storage

In your index.js, you should configure your Amplify:

  Auth: {
    identityPoolId: process.env.REACT_APP_identityPoolId,
    region: process.env.REACT_APP_awsRegion,
    userPoolId: process.env.REACT_APP_userPoolId,
    userPoolWebClientId: process.env.REACT_APP_userPoolAppClientId,
  Storage: { 
    bucket: process.env.REACT_APP_bucketName,
    region: process.env.REACT_APP_awsRegion,
    identityPoolId: process.env.REACT_APP_identityPoolId

My credentials are saved in .env, prefixed with REACT_APP_

Uploading with clicking a button

Make a submit button. Attach a handler in it and it could look something like this:

async submitForm() {
        let picture = this.state.picture[0]

        try {
            await Storage.put(picture.name, picture, {
                contentType: picture.type
        } catch (e) {

And there you go! Check your uploaded image in your s3 bucket in AWS console.

Feel free to ask any questions on comments below.