Game Dev Experience

So as you know I'm a Web Dev by profession, but I started learning Game Dev in Unity last week! After 4 days I have achieved making the character face directions, run, jump, collide with walls and platforms, reduce healthbar from spikes and get a coin and get points!! It was so cool and fun, this is all in 2D though.

It felt like learning a completely new thing when I was in college. One tip I got from a youtuber is to instead of learning to make a whole game from a video, actually start making a game and when you want to make some things happen, then search for that particular instance, for example of search keywords, "2D make a character face directions in unity", or "Make a character jump in 2d unity".

Overall my experience was great, sometimes it's super fun, sometimes it could be really stressful. Like it seems like you're trying to make a simple movement, but it took me 2-3 hours! Every programmer should try it out, especially the gamer ones. Don't worry about making your own art! There are tons of free/cheap assets in the internet!

That's my plan, I won't create my own assets until I have a firm grip of how Unity and its API works. Because I know how long it could take if I create my own art xD

I will post some tips and debugging notes I had when making the game in the next posts.